KangerTech Vertical OCC Coil (5-Pack)


The SUBTANK Vertical OCC Coil (Organic Cotton Coil) from Kangertech features Japanese organic cotton in a huge base. Its nominal resistance is 0.5 ohms (subohm) for devices running between 15 and 30 watts, or 1.2 ohms for devices running from 12-25 watts. These coils produce a ridiculous amount of vapor and are currently designed for use ONLY in the Kanger Subtank.


Compatible with following KangerTech products:
A. Toptank Mini Atomizer
B. Toptank Nano Atomizer
C. Topbox Mini Kit
D. Topbox Nano Kit
E. Subvod Kit
F. Subvod Mega Kit
G. Nebox
H. Subtank Mini Atomizer
I. Subtan Nano Atomizer
J. Subtank Plus Atomizer
K. Subox Mini Kit
1. Drip 2 drops of ejuice into top center of the OCC head before screw the head into the base;
2. After refilling the tank, please wait for 30 seconds before vaping.


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