Privacy Policy

When you sign up for or use EaseVape, you give us certain information voluntarily. This includes your name, email address, profile photo, and any other information you give us.  If you buy something on EaseVape, we collect payment information, contact information (address and phone number) and details of what you bought and delivery details We use the information we collect to provide the service to you. We commit to showing you content that’s relevant, interesting and personal to you. In order to do that, it’s necessary for us to use your information to:
  • Identify you when you use EaseVape, and process your transactions.
  • Recommend what’s new on EaseVape,a popular product,or relevant events you might like based on your activity on EaseVape. For example, if we see you viewed some products, we may suggest related proudcts that we think you might like .
  • Respond to your questions or comments.
In addition to the specific use above, we’ll only use your information with your consent in order to process your purchase orders and relevant services on EaseVape.We don’t share your information with a third party.