Yocan Delux Vaporizer Kit


The Yocan DeLux is the marriage of power and sophistication. Made from high-quality materials, this 2-in-1 vaporizer unit was made to outmatch the best of the best. The Yocan DeLux is the world’s first and only box mod vaporizer that doubles as a power bank. The Yocan DeLux uses two box mods to vaporize each respective material, wax, and oils. While other manufacturers build their vaporizers with either a replaceable heating element or even a heating chamber that can accommodate both liquefied and waxy materials, the Yocan DeLuxe opts for a more conventional means of heating your favorite extracts. We believe that mixing the extracts, using a single heating element to vaporize both wax and essential oils may affect the overall quality of your strain-based concentrates and oil blends. Also, having interchangeable atomizers can sometimes be a hassle since it’s nearly impossible to touch a hot atomizer should you require to change or swap heating elements. The Yocan DeLux addresses the common pitfall of the average dual purpose vaporizer unit and perfectly combines two vaping devices in one solid and compact unit.


What’s in the Box
1 Yocan DeLux Box Mod
1 Mini Box Mod
1 Oil Atomizer
1 510 Threaded Concentrate Atomizer
1 Connector
1 Yocan Tool Box
1 Yocan Tool
1 Micro USB Charging Cable
1 User Manual


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